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My name is Bob Gengler, and I live in beautiful Eagle River, Alaska. I was born in Maryland in April of 1965. My father was a Captain in the US Navy and my mother was a registered nurse. She now owns, and with my dad, runs a travel agency - Magic Carpet Travel - in Sloughhouse, California. I have 3 younger sisters who are all married and living in north-central California.

As we were a military family, we were transfered every few years and I spent a lot of time looking out the windows of the family station wagon. It was through these guided wanderings that I began to develop a love for traveling and seeing all of the beauty around me. I have since lived in 25 of our great states and have been in Anchorage since December of 1999. I had always taken pictures when I traveled but unfortunatley not to any serious degree until moving to Alaska to explore and to pursue my ambition of becoming a "real" photographer.

I am a Physical Therapist by trade. I received my BS degree in Physical Education at California State University - Sacramento, and then received my MS degree in Physical Therapy at Boston University. As a therapist, I worked as a traveler for over 5 years and again was able to explore the mountainous areas of our country. I worked in locations ranging from large cities to towns of less than 500 people. The glitz of the big city is lost on me.

My most memorable experiences since photographing in Alaska include spending 2.5 hours watching a wolverine eat an avalance kill moose, having a porcupine put his paw on my knee and sniff my beard, and sleeping among the cliffs and spires with Dall sheep and mountain goats. Through the medium of photography, I have been able to share my experiences and to preserve them for my later years. It is only when I am surrounded by undisrupted beauty that I am truly at peace.

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Click for Anchorage, Alaska Forecast