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The state of Alaska is amazing in many ways and I am proud to call it home. Sadly, the wildlife and ecosystem management policies currently in effect are akin to that of the US back in the times when the "wild west" was tamed by the Easterners...

Many up here hoped that the most recent election would result in change in the direction the State, and the Alaska Outdoor Council dominated Board of Game, have been bent on pursuing. It does appear that little will change, however.

Many people throughout Alaska, the lower 48, and the world, have been working hard to let the current administration know that wildlife does indeed have more value than just as an elective food choice or an ornamental bragging post on someone's wall.

The following links are for sites that are trying to make a difference in the management of Alaskan wildlife, not just to be managed for consumptive uses, but also for the average, and the majority of Alaskans who are non-consumptive users. Please check out these links and petitions and think about what is being said.

Follow the links below to pages with information on wildlife management issues for the listed topics including archived articles from Alaskan newspapers:

Wolves, Predator Control, and Aerial Hunting Issues in Alaska

Brown and Black Bear Issues in Alaska

Board of Game Issues In Alaska

Moose Issues In Alaska

Poaching Issues in Alaska

Hunting and Subsistence Issues in Alaska


Consumptive/ Conservation User Groups

Alaska Board of Game

Alaska Outdoor Council

Alaska Moose Federation

Safari Club International - Alaska Chapter

National Rifle Association

Foundation for North American Wild Sheep

Alaskans for Professional Wildlife Management

Ted Nugent Guided Hunts

Non-Consumptive/ Conservation User Groups

Alaska Conservation Alliance

Alaska Wildlife Alliance

Sierra Club - Alaska Chapter

Defenders of Wildlife

Alaska Center For The Environment

National Parks Conservation Association

National Wildlife Federation

The Archived Stories are being moved to a different server and many of the stories are currently unavailable on this website. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Please check back later as the articles should be posted in the near future. Thank you for you patience.

Archived News Articles

Wolf Stories

Bear Stories

Poaching Stories

Hunting Stories

Moose Stories

Board of Game Stories

Sheep Stories